Rob Forbes' 17 Reasons and on Women and Biking

10 reasons to bike not enough? Here's a closer look at PUBLIC Bikes founder Rob Forbes in the online magazine Refinery29. Rob gives us his 17 reasons a person should ride a bike, including sensual pleasure and sex appeal!


Rob even chimes in on my favorite topic these days - women and biking:

I think the biggest trend is that more people, especially women, are reclaiming the bicycle for everyday transportation. The prominent role that women play in the industry may not always be immediately obvious. If you judged by the percentage of guys working in bike stores, managing bike companies, or attending bike shows it would appear that the biking industry is like the auto industry: Largely a man’s world. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see that women are driving many of the major changes in the industry and advocacy, especially in the realm of how bikes fit into our communities with social purpose.

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