Win or Lose - Together We're Giant

Even though our team has been wrought with injury and disappointment this entire season and brought the Torture to a whole new inconceivable level, the Giants are still our team, and we're riding with them to the very end, wherever it leads us.
buster posey dreamcatcher panda

What I love about this team and our ballpark is that a whole baseball culture has come about in San Francisco, especially along the Embarcadero before a home game.

You can hop on a pedicab and get a free ride to the park.
pre game pedicabs

Or meet up with friends at the bike valet on McCovey Cove.
at the bike valet

Once inside the park, there ain't a bad seat in the house.
moonrise over park

And while watching our national pastime, you create memories with friends old and new.
link tv crew

Go Giants guy + kt

Oh yeah, and our pitching is pretty awesome.
romo wind up

Winning or losing, I will almost never say no to a ballgame and the entire experience the evening brings.
cute giants fan

orange and black bike - giant deadhead

What a long strange trip baseball season is.
post game shadow panda


Anonymous said...

is this candlestick park ?

Kristin Tieche said...

No, the Giants haven't played at Candlestick since 2000, when the new ballpark downtown SF was opened. It has transformed our city, really.

Now technically known as AT&T Park. It's one of our nation's best ballparks, IMHO.