Gainsbourg Goes Vogue - San Francisco Giveaway

Serge Gainsbourg - Ballade de Melody Nel by scootaway

“Ainsi je déconnais avant que je ne perde
Le contrôle de la Rolls. J’avançais lentement
Ma voiture dériva et un heurt violent
Me tira soudain de ma rêverie. Merde!
J’aperçus une roue de vélo à l’avant,
Qui continuait de tourner en roue libre,
Et comme une poupée qui perdait l’équilibre
La jupe retroussée sur ses pantalons blancs.

Evidemment, Serge was again ahead of his time, describing cycle chic/vélo vogue way back in the 1970s, albeit in a très Gainsbourgien kind of way.

So we have another San Francisco only giveaway! The first four people to leave a comment on here on the blog, tweet or facebook (@velovogue using hashtag #voguegainsbourg) with their FAVORITE GAINSBOURG SONG TITLE plus one line of lyrics gets a pair of tickets to see the film at SF's Embarcadero Theater anytime between 10/31 - 11/3. Tickets will be left at the theater in your name.

Feel free to participate even if you're not in SF, just for the sheer love of that crazy frenchie!

Here's the description of the film and the trailer:

Joann Sfar’s GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE is a completely original take on one of France’s greatest mavericks, the illustrious and infamous Jewish singer-songwriter, Serge Gainsbourg (Eric Elmosnino). Born Lucien Ginsburg to Russian-Jewish parents, Sfar follows him from his precocious childhood in Nazi-occupied Paris, to his beginnings as small time jazz musician and finally pop superstar. Along the way he romances many of the era’s most beautiful women, including Juliette Greco (Anna Mouglalis), Brigitte Bardot (Laetitia Casta) and Jane Birkin (Lucy Gordon). Employing a witty surrealistic style and a soundtrack that includes many of the musician’s greatest hits, GAINSBOURG: A HEROIC LIFE is a quintessential time capsule to ‘60’s Paris.

Bonne chance!


Kristin Tieche said...

This was emailed to me by my friend Michael:

Ballade de Melody Nelson

"Et si délicieuse enfant que je n'ai connue qu'un instant"

I esp like the con - nue joke 'cause I'm about twelve mentally.

Ramona Wheelright said...

bonnie and clyde

Vous avez lu l'histoire De Jesse James

Anonymous said...

'Tis hard with all the different styles he covers. I can't choose a favourite from the 'Melody Nelson' album. But another pre-70s favourite of mine is 'Qui Est 'In', Qui Est 'Out''.

I find it quite interesting that it's so hard to pick a favourite. Firstly, because there's such a quality body of work to choose from. Secondly, because there are so many strong, stand-out songs. Normally, even with someone whose work you love, there are a couple of songs that really pop out ahead of the others. SG has so many tracks that are perfect.

Third, so many of his songs perfectly capture a mood, theme or emotion or a complex mix of different feelings that it's hard to imagine doing without any of them. One song might be your favourite sexy song of his, another your favourite comic song, another a favourite melancholy song.

Kristin Tieche said...

Yippee! Merci beaucoup for our Serge Gainsbourg fans.

And Monsieur Anonymous emailed me his favorite song, which he calls his birthday song, Sea, Sex and Sun, with song lyrics - Toi petite -
C'est sûr tu es un hit

Ramona, you got yourself two passes aussi.

As for me, I've always loved "Je suis venu te dire que je m'en vais." My favorite lyric is "comme dit si bien Verlaine au vent mauvais..."