These warm boots get a lot of flack. I read somewhere someone calling them excellent "birth control." Likewise, I also read that "Ugg" is Aussie slang for "ugly." And more than that, I thought they were out. This woman provides a compelling argument to the contrary.

I also like the way she wears her purse like a backpack. Clearly, the woman knows how to combine elegance with utility.


Denny, Alaska said...

Sorry, no: they're ugly. (The boots, not the bicyclist!)

tinarama said...

And I love the way she has her helmet hanging from the handlebars like a darling little basket. Tres chic!

MerJa Media said...

I think we call them Ugg boots because they look like what a Cave man (or woman) would wear, and Cave people say Ugh! I reckon that she is wearing her handbag, which is very cool. In Australia we would call a purse the small bag with your money in it that you put in your handbag.
BTW I think your blog is Absolutely Fabulous! Keep it up.

Greetings from down under