(GDH) Bicycle Music Festival

I spotted this guy at the Bicycle Music Festival. If you're going to look the part, make sure the bike matches.

This is Eco from the The Ginger Ninjas (a band that get around the country by bicycle.) The Extracycle makes bringing the dog along a lot easier.

Collared shirt, sensible shorts and a nice leather shoulder bag. Presentable and practical.

Flops, nice shirt, matching trousers and a tall bike. What more can I say?

I saw this couple in the park when the father was putting the helmet on his daughter. The seat rigged into the basket makes for good dual purpose use. He rode that bike, his partner was just holding it for him.

She: Strappy shoes, red dress.
He: Comfortable shoes, shorts.
It was only after I took the photo that I noticed they had matching bike frames.

You shouldn't let a helmet get in the way of fashion. This guy was relaxing in the park in his weekend ensemble. But he didn't forget to bring along his hat for when he was done riding.

P.S. Lilia has more photos of this event forthcoming.

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Dustin Jensen said...

Hi! I've created a Bicycle Music Festival group on Flickr.

If you're Flickr user feel free to submit your pictures.