(Muttera) Vogue from Davis

Went to Davis Ca today. Had some extra time waiting for my Amtrak train home. So took some photos at the station and at a near by street corner.

James Muttera
Walnut Creek Ca


MELI. said...

these shots are all cute!
I love that first one, looks like my bike's long lost sister :)

Anonymous said...

Please check out www.yehudamoon.com
The comic strip has a character named Thistle who has a child named Fizz. Thisle and Fizz ride a bakenfeits and look just like the pair in your blog! Life imitates art.

Larry Roll said...

Great photos, Jim! Too bad you couldn't catch a nice looking lady on a Breezer!

Larry Roll said...

Wait a sec...the lady in the bottom photo (blue helmet) is riding (actually pushing) a Breezer!