breezing the embarcadero

The lovely bay views beckon cyclists to San Francisco's Embarcadero most weekends.

Taking a moment to take it all in:

Couples bike and dress alike! (Nice shiny gold flats.)

In this man's case, I think the jersey is more of a fashion statement than a racing accessory, paired with his baggies and flip flops, long hair flowing in the breeze.

I love cycling in The City!


Charlotte said...

I miss calling it "the city" and having people know what I mean. There's only one "the city" but East Coasters get all confused when I say that. Which city?

If you don't specify, then it should be obvious! San Francisco. THE CITY.

Kristin Tieche said...

Thanks for your comment, Charlotte! Come back for a visit and we can bike The City together!

gwadzilla said...

the baggies
the flip flops
the headphones
the front brake that looks ineffective

definitely not looking to set the record in the time trial

that said...

I have a tendency to over dress for my bike rides

almost always cycling shorts and cycling shoes
always a helmet and gloves