Encore de cupcake (tdc part 2)

As KT already mentioned, the Tour de Cupcake was pretty much the greatest thing that ever happened to anyone. Biking brings out the kid in everyone, but with the addition of cupcakes, you do take the risk of it all just being too much. Here are some kids ready for the ride:

The Bike Kitchen expected about 100 riders. Instead more than 400 showed up. The line was around the block. The wait provided me the opportunity to capture perfectly San Francisco outfits like this yellow mini with arm warmers.

Here's KT in full awesomeness with stylish hat, poncho and her usual vintage town bike with our friend Jeff:

This woman did the ride in heels, knickers and lovely green jacket and purse.
Finally, a few riders were in costume. I walked up to this guy and said "you dressed that way because you didn't want anyone to notice you, right?" He agreed by posing for me. His friend in pink is also fabulous.

I have enough photos for at least one more post. So, sit tight.


Samuel said...

I find arm warmers in SF comical... but it's a relative thing.

Kristin Tieche said...

Samuel, you have no idea how much arm warmers come in handy in this town!

Adrienne said...

Thanks for putting my kid's pictures up. They think it is pretty cool! They had a good time and my oldest is already thinking up strategies to win next year!