...and we're off! (tdc part 3)

After much anticipation, the ride got underway. These cyclists, including one with brown leggings and mini, headed off to eat cupcakes... I mean, to win the race.

Our first stop was overwhelmed. As a testament to the event's success, they ran out of cupcakes during our stop there. Here, orange and pink race to enjoy.

Again, our brown mini has her eyes on the prize...

My dear friend Danielle did the ride in boots, skirt and cute green sweater.

Our crew decided to head up the hill to a more secluded stop in hopes of avoiding cupcake shortages.


MELI. said...

nice post series ;)
go cupcaketeers!!!

Mom said...


I have a couple more cupcake posts in me -- I just have to put them together. Yay.