Rouler en Masse

Most people I've spoken with have agreed that this particular Halloween Mass was one of the most fun that we've ridden. Maybe it was the crowds of people on the sidewalk watching. Or maybe it was all the encouragement from the locals as we rode through the Tenderloin.

Definitely one of the highlights was blasting through the Broadway tunnel. I don't know how to communicate the exhiliration that we all felt, whistling and howling our way through.

There was a little bit of a bottleneck as we came out the other side in North Beach. But seeing all the cyclists with the SF Bay in the background inspired me.

Here's a really hot multi-animal print outfit. Check out those boots!

Jean-Marc the Flaming Cowboy:

My friend Allie with Jesus not far behind:

This woman was fixing her hair right in front of the Hungry-i strip joint. Her outfit made this moment seem very ironic to me.

All in all, the ride reminded me that SFers really know how to bring people together and have a rambunctious time, especially when we're on our bikes. Critical Mass is one of the many uniquely-SF events that makes The City so beloved. And this is the last posting I can offer you from the Halloween Mass... until next year!

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