Halloween Mass, part 3 (political satire)

Halloween--only five days before our country's most important presidential election in our lifetimes! Just the winning combination needed to bring a motley cast of characters out with a dab of SF ironic patriotism.

Among the many incarnations, this was by far the best Sarah Palin I saw all weekend.

What's an election without good ol' Uncle Sam, or someone dressed to give him a run for his money.

If Obama can't save us, then maybe Captain Marvel will!

SF was not experiencing a shortage of patriotic superheroes. So strong he carried his bike single-handedly the entire ride while talking on his phone (well, maybe not).

Someone has to give equal representation to the other side! I didn't quite get the symbolism of it all, but here's a Mexican luchero with an Obama t-shirt (Si se puede!?) and yours truly as Satan Palin with a $150,000 power red blazer from Thrift Town.

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