it's fun to be Obama-crazy

It seems like the population of the entire country is in love with our new and much improved President! The Obamamania makes it feel a bit like Spring is in the air, and you know what? It's fun to be in love! It's fun to be crazy about someone! And it's about time that our leader doesn't make us feel depressed and sick to our stomachs!

On the afternoon of the inauguration of #44, I was relaxing in the sun at Dolores Park when this girl in an Obama t-shirt started doing "O's" in the grass on her cruiser.

Celebrations continued throughout the evening, with people dancing in the streets. And if you didn't hear about it already, some cool SFers changed all the streets signs along Bush Street to read Obama Street for the day... before the cops changed them back.

Laughing Squid posted some cool pics of the signs going up, too. It seems like everyone's happy to ride down Obama Street, and I'll tell you what, so far, we're enjoying the ride.

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