three cheers!

Obama has made patriotism sexy again. People often tell me that they bet I wouldn't ride around with an American flag on my basket if Bush was still president. Uh... no, probably not. Now, even in crazy anarchist SF, everything's coming up all red, white and blue.

Even bike helmets!


Anonymous said...

I hear you. I only recently started referring to "the President" again! After 8 years. I'm hoping to see lots of bike infrastructure in the stim package but the gov of my state (Arizona) is said to intend to reject the stimulus monies! Why can't we have body builder in the state capital?

Samuel said...

I'm glad more people can feel patriotic about the USA, it's a great country. Maybe now I'll meet more backpackers with US flags instead of my flag on their packs.

Kristin Tieche said...

Canadian, I presume? I always tell people that I'm from the People's Republic of San Francisco. ;-)