SF cycle moment: waiting for the light to change

Lights change every day before our eyes. Red lights, green lights. The sun sets and the sky changes from light to dark. The sun rises and the black of night is pierced with an orange glimmer on the eastern horizon (a.k.a. Oakland, for us SFers).

While we wait patiently at intersections, we may see cars go by, the Muni, cop cars, pedestrians and, yes indeed, other cyclists. We hear the streetcars rolling along tracks, a street performer on the accordion or bagpipes, the jingle of a bicycle bell. We have time to stir the many thoughts we carry in our busy brains, just like the bundles of personal items we carry in our messenger bags, panniers and baskets. We inhale the buzz of urbanity, and we feel a heightened awareness of what it means to be a city dweller, and an appreciation of being part of it all.

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