[Gordon Price] Vancouver's Insane Experiment

Last weekend, after years of debate, the City of Vancouver experimentally converted one of the outbound lanes of the Burrard Bridge to a bike lane, leaving two outbound traffic lanes where there had been three. This should have been a problem on the afternoon peak. The media were out in force, ready to interview angry motorists and stream live video of gridlock. And as Gordon [Price] documents on his blog, nothing much happened.

Info thanks to Tom Radulovich and my old boss Jarrett Walker


Adrienne Johnson said...

Isn't it funny that it is always a non-event when bridges or roads get closed? We really can survive without so much of what is around us.

Mom said...

Now, let's get some equality here in the Bay Area in the form of real bridge access for heaven's sake! It doesn't have to be heavy, complicated and expensive.