Nerd Fetish

I have a nerd fetish for which I am widely teased. A cute guy who can fix my computer has an infinitely better chance of getting into my pants than one who can't. So, you can imagine that the Mountain View Caltrain station provides nearly enough fodder to give me a seizure. Computer guys... who ride the train with their bikes... Wow!

The problem, from a Velo Vogue standpoint, is that they usually wear jeans and a t-shirt to work. That doesn't give me much of an excuse to take their photos. I was impressed with this guy's office casual garb.

Lest you think the Caltrain isn't completely packed with bikers, and we don't really appreciate the increased bike capacity on the trains, below is a more typical view of the station shortly before a bullet train arrives. That girl's pretty cute too.


Anonymous said...

As a computer scientist myself, thanks for the vote of confidence :D

Unknown said...

Oh, I have always loved the quiet, somewhat nerdy guy. Give me a thinking man every time. Frankly, all the really amazing men I know run and/or bike. I imagine that is when they come up with all their best ideas!

Adrienne Johnson said...

If we could just ban all the pleated pants... I dream of that. Truly.

Anonymous said...

I agree - pleated pants, BE GONE! :)


And now there are hordes of people standing around with no pants on suddenly :)

Adrienne Johnson said...

Now we just have to tackle all those old tightey whiteys with holes or that have turned gray ; )

Unknown said...

Heh, I was visiting the Bay area, arriving on that week, and during a weekend visit to the city, I, uh, "accidentally" got myself the ultimate nerd bike, a Trek District. :-)

I try to be as stylish as possible while riding it, of course.