stern grove sexiness

Summer in SF usually stinks of pea soup fog, but now and then we experience hot sunny days. And it's even better when those days fall on a Sunday so we can lounge in the sunshine at Stern Grove. I've been attending the concerts religiously this year. And so have most other SFers. The Grove offers free valet bike parking for cyclists. Perhaps this hip young woman took advantage of that perk.

Her outfit was so amazing that I had to do a 360 degree view of her.

A pencil skirt on a man's frame fixie. She's got some cajones.

Cycle style leaves its mark at the Grove.


Adrienne Johnson said...

It is still funny to me to see so many young, hip people at the Grove. I still miss Gilbert and Sullivan operettas!

álvaro said...

Sexy bike, sexy girl and very sexy pics! thank you :)

(needless to say, sexy city)