The Sunday Side Of The Street

Our second Mission based Sunday Street has come and gone. The streets are so beautiful when they are free of cars. People are free to live life out loud, in the open, without worry about what could happen.

You can see it on the faces of the people- relaxed, happy, peaceful, open.

When you can just hang out on your bike, and let the world swirl around you, the cycle chic is completely secondary.

But, Lance Armstrong has no problem being second this year, so I am sure the chic won't mind either.

I hear Dutch bikes are the new fixies. We already knew they were the new black. Still will be in 20 years.


Kristin Tieche said...

Fantastic pics and words, Adrienne!!!

Aporia said...

Do you ask permission for all the photos you take or do you just take some without asking?

Adrienne Johnson said...

I just shoot. I used to be uncomfortable with it, but then I realized I don't mind people shooting me when I am out and about. If I am talking to someone or standing really close when I shoot, I'll ask or gesture at the camera, and then just start shooting. I smile the whole time, and that is usually enough.