baseball, hotdogs, apple pie and bicycles

Bicycling and baseball go hand-in-hand.

The free valet bike parking at our SF Giants ballpark makes me proud to be American. In fact, SF isn't the only ballpark in the country to offer this perk for biker baseball fans.

It's great to watch all the two-wheeling jersey-clad fans safely leaving their bikes in a secure setting while they get to kick back and watch some good game.

You can even pump your tires... or tire.

It wasn't until I took this pic that I realized that the SFBC's colors are the same as our Giants' (coincidence?).

And this year, we get to root for a super-star pitcher!

Even non-Giants baseball fans can appreciate the beauty of this downtown gem.

Happy 4th! Bicycling and Baseball are All-American!

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