VV Profile: Ramona Wheelright

ramona wheelright gg park circa 2001
Occupation: environmental consultant
Hometown: sad diego (so sad that such a beautiful place was designed for cars instead of people)
SF neighborhood: mission dolores
Helmet or no helmet: helmet (i'd prefer none, but this is san francisco where cars and people and bikes collide)
Type of bike: soma mixte- custom touring build by ramona
Describe what you like best about your bike: the juxtaposition of her efficiency and beauty. she looks like a 70's road bike but she's a 2009 urban/touring champ.
lit lily
Describe your cycling experience in SF: I wouldn't exist in SF without a cycle. It's a symbiotic relationship between, me, my bike and the city.
Favorite time or place to ride: in SF at night
Favorite color: rouge
trying to be like marielle
Artist most commonly played on iPod at the moment: itunes is always on shuffle, M.I.A. Mango Pickle Down River is currently playing.
Describe your personal style: modern vintage
Vélo Vogue tip of the day: going fast is fun, but you see more when you slow your roll
sunday streets

Miss Ramona is also the prolific author of a beautiful bike blog, Wheelright. So check her out!


Ramona Wheelright said...

oh, kt thank you. i'm so honored to be on velo vogue!

Adrienne Johnson said...

oh you just too cute, girl! : ))

MELI. said...

ramona all over the interwebz and in-print. yea baby momentum