Bike Wardrobe Remix: What's New?

News, new faces, new clothes, new bikes in this edition of Bike Wardrobe Remix.

Panda shot!

I love this picture of myself. Shawn and I took out our Raleigh 3-speeds (mine is a lady's "Sports" Roadster, his is a Wayfarer) and meandered from our place in SE Portland to North Portland and then Vancouver Washington for wine before making our way home.

This bike is fifty years old as of this year!! I'm pretty sure of the date of this bike, the Sturmey-Archer hub has "61" engraved into it, and the bike itself matches images I've seen of scanned catalogs of the era. Of course, this bike's design hardly changed for years. Why mess with what works?

Until yesterday (when I took this picture) I hadn't been on this bike in almost a year. I forgot how awesome it really is.

For the "bike wardrobe remix" folks:
Hat that you can't really see: randijofab.com
Black wool base layer top with a hood: MEC (aka the REI of Canada...or is REI the MEC of the USA?)
Red skirt: American Apparel, bought at a warehouse sale
Brown wool tights: B.Ella, bought at Sock Dreams
Socks: Sock it To Me, the "Portlander" stripe pattern, probably also bought at Sock Dreams (this is the second pair of these I've owned, when the last pair wore out I bought more!)
Shoes: Crocs. No, really. Bought on their website.

Simply Bike
11 Weeks Pregnant
11 Weeks Pregnant
We're thrilled to announce the news of our baby - due July 2011! Here I am at 11 weeks, cycling and trying to stay fit. I will be documenting my pregnancy and attempts at running and bike commuting with baby at...


Plaid button down - Zara
Skinnies - Old Navy Maternity (yes, I've already succumbed to the elastic waistband!)
Boots - Dillards
Cardi - H&M
Bike - Mongoose

Biker Pleat
Biker Pleat

* pleat vintage blouse from Platinum Mall
* pleat shots from side walk market

blue dress
blue dress

Dress: Vintage from Tokyo!
Glasses: Oakley
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs
Purse: Thrift store special

Adrienne Johnson SF
June Cleaver Rides A Metrofiets
June Cleaver Rides A Metrofiets

Today is supposed to be the last day of our false spring, so on with the sundress!

Cardigan- Target
Shirt dress- Brooks Brothers (thrifted)
Shoes- Indigo (Thrifted)
Cargo Bike- Metrofiets


cb said...

go simple bike! i know when i am pregnant i will be biking too! rock on lady!!


Simply Bike said...

Thanks, CB! :)

And thanks for including me in this awesome round up! Happy Spring cycling! S.