Renata Falzoni - Pedalar é um direito! (pt. 1)

I had the honor of meeting and cycling with Renata Falzoni in São Paolo. She's like the Jeanne d'Arc of urban cycling and mountain biking in Brazil. She and one of her bike journalists met me at my hotel located in the mecca of transvestite hookers/glue sniffers and safely led me to greener pastures.

When I arrived at the corner in front of Renata's house, I instantly knew I was among my people.

pedalar e um direito
Pedaling is a right.

KT & Renata
The cement wall in front of her house is covered with gorgeous, colorful and inspirational stencil art.

stencil art in front of Renata's house 4

She hooked me up with a mountain bike and we were off on our tour of the urban jungle.
Renata 1

Everywhere we went, people waved at Renata. She knew every ciclista paulista.
Hot and Half Naked

And if she didn't know them yet, it was only a matter of time that they would join her crusade for bicycle advocacy.
pink bike on bike lane SP

We were escorted on our tour by Felipe Aragonez, one of Renata's crew of bike journalists who call into São Paolo radio from the bike lane to report on traffic conditions during rush hour.
Felipe Aragonez, Bike Reporter

We posed for a pic in front of what is locally known as the Push Push Monument, a statue depicting the Bandeirantes who basically stole the land that is known as Brazil from the native peoples. The great push westward, otherwise known as land grab.
KT & Felipe in front of Push Push Statue
Standing here with my Brazilian bike comrades, I felt that the significance of the statue meant something greater for the bike movement, especially here in SP.

To be continued...


Christa said...

Looks like a super cool place. Would love to visit and cycle Brazil.

Kristin Tieche said...

Hi Christa! Brazil is a fascinating place to visit. Such an enormous country with so much culture and natural beauty!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kristin:

heehehh I loved your post! uau, we had a great time together, and please do come back to Brazil!

Try to be here any last friday of a month, so we can ride at the Critical Mass "Bicicletada" and have a lot fun together with many others ciclist friend of ours!
take care

Renata Falzoni

Fourier said...

Hola Kristin, que tal?

Gracias por la visita, por las fotos!

Cuándo quieras, venga a Brasil!

Felipe Aragonez

Kristin Tieche said...

Oi! Renata e Felipe!

Great to hear from you again! I will post more about our tour over the next few days! Will definitely come back for sure!

MELI. said...

wow, she is all kinds of awesome!!!
thanks for sharing this KT, very inpiring
Go Brazil <3