pataphysical fashionista

This is Eric.
I ran into him on Gate Five Road in Sausalito on Bastille Day. On his business card, he describes himself as a pataphysicist. In his case, I believe the clothes make the man (or does the man make the clothes?). At his suggestion, I snapped this photo of him in front of an outhouse.

His bejeweled friend Joui is also quite fashionable on her bicycle in her blue vest, grey blazer, knickers and boots, but even she admitted that Eric really takes the cake on the catwalk.

They were both riding off to an event at the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce. Eric and Joui are living pataphors for Vélo Vogue.


Charlotte said...

A+ for both the outfits and the photography! Outstanding!

Kristin Tieche said...

Thank you, Charlotte! :-D

MELI. said...

what a fun style pair!