Cycle Chic Pali-style

KT and I were discussing VV chez moi the other day while surfing the net when I noticed the new Cycle Chic banner for the first time. It reminded me of this photo I recently snapped at the Palo Alto Caltrain station.
If you've read our blog before, you know that I am a bike/train commuter to the Valley. If you've done that before, you know that the Palo Alto Caltrain station has more bikes than anyone knows how to store. They have a bike station, racks and lockers and still there are bikes chained to every pole and tree in sight. Meanwhile, cyclists are also frequently getting bumped from the train because there isn't enough room for them all on the train. Is the solution just more of everything? A bike share program? What do you think?


Anonymous said...

i did read that, in Europe, long-distance commuter would ride to the station or bus stop, lock up the bike, get on the bus or train, grab another bike, ride to destination.

So, a separate bike for each end of the bus or rail commute.

Anonymous said...

True, Peter, and folders, lots of folders, free to take on the train/bus. But public transportation in general provides the bulk of A to B to C to D solutions :).