angels in the sand

Los Angeles, The City of Angels. Nowhere does LA live up to its name better than at the beach, particularly when you're watching the beautiful people roll by on the Venice Boardwalk. What could be more picture perfect, the sun, the blue sky (yes, even in smoggy LA every once in a while), the palm trees, and good looking healthy people spending their afternoon on a beach cruiser.

Vogue-ing in black and white. Sunscreen required.

Who needs clothing when you have clear skies and a bikini?

Or for those a bit more modest--blue coverup, blue cruiser, blue skies.

Promenade with your baby. The sun provides Vitamin D, and the ocean breeze lulls them to sleep.

Here at the waterfront with Angelenos and Angelenas cruising by, you'd never know that cars were sitting in gridlock on the 405 just a couple miles away.


Anonymous said...

Uh... that blue cover-up doesn't exactly cover up.

Kristin Tieche said...

That's why it's just a cover up and not a dress. You must not live near a beach! ;-)

Gina said...

I am so ecstatic to see my fellow Angelenos on so many bikes!! I'm seeing more and more people commute on bikes every day, too!

Viva la LA ReVELOtion!! :D

Kristin Tieche said...

Hi Gina!

Viva, indeed! Send us some pics from your commute!