a little LA inspiration

When one thinks of Los Angeles, the city usually conjures the usual images of 6-lane freeways locked in gridlock, smoggy skies and shopping malls. Yet the adjacent havens of Venice Beach and Santa Monica are LA's bicycle Promised Land. Over the next few days, I'll be posting images of vogueurs and voguettes from my recent trip down there, and the existing inspirational infrastructure that these cities offer cyclists.

Abbott Kinney Boulevard in Venice Beach is one hotspot to witness a very vibrant bicycle culture and community. Everyone was out on their bikes the morning I went for brunch there.

Ride up and check out the German-inspired menu at Three Square Bakery.

Or share a casual coffee with a friend on the side of the road.

Or pedal off to yoga class!

Cycling around Venice is so popular, people even simulate it in gym class!

If you don't have a bike, you can test ride this gorgeous red Strida folding bike from A+R store!

By all means, in a place like Venice Beach, get out on your bike and celebrate the sunny weather!

More photos on my Venice Beach Flickr Photostream. Ride on!


Jonno! said...

LA is Cruiser Central. I understand it's Venice Beach and all, but still...Every time I'm down there I see literally hundreds of cruisers, and at night they don't even lock them up! They just leave 'em in a stack next to a fence or something, like 10 bikes piled next to each other w/no lock! Crazy!

Also, I noticed a lot of sidewalk riders in your photo. Is this telling, or just coincidence?

MELI. said...

These are super cute ;) looks like great weather too, while up here I'm working on my fog tan...
What cute outfit (dress&bright cardigan) the one in the first pic!

Kristin Tieche said...

Jonno! I agree, it is cruiser central, and they are sooooo pretty! In terms of the "sidewalk riders," the one seen here is a friend of mine and we were test-riding the Strida bike right in front of the store where it was being sold. Otherwise I didn't see many sidewalk riders. There are bike lanes and bike paths built in.

I did however notice that bikes were locked to fences. I used to live in Venice and bikes are apparently stolen all the time there. I wish I could say otherwise, but alas, no.