The Great Innovator: Gary Fisher

Gary Fisher, the inventor of the first mountain bike, has left the trails of Marin in the dust and has been seen voguing around San Francisco these days.

The Twins, Sarah and I were taking a spin around Golden Gate Park on Sunday and stopped to watch the cyclocross race when we ran into Gary. Check out his sweet pannier.

He wanted to demo his purple pants for me designed by a Japanese company that you can find here: CCP.fm.

Gary told me that from his racing days, he and his friends used to log their miles racing bikes. Now he says he's started logging his miles riding in street clothes. You look so fabulous, Gary, that I couldn't resist getting a photo with you.

Thanks for inspiring all kinds of folks to get on their bikes, Gary! And I hope to run into you again soon!


Lynn said...

Oooh! He's got a Basil Shopper bag in the Dutch Tiles pattern! Made in the Netherlands, of course. That's on my Christmas wishlist already. They have them at Niagara Cycle Works (www.niagaracycle.com), where I got my Basil rear basket (just in case my husband is reading this...hint hint).

MELI. said...

how awesome!!!
I saw Gary kickin butt last year in mcLaren park (also pilarcitos xcycle). It was awesome to see him race with the rest of the young guys. I love him and the greatness created out of Marin in the 70s. MUAAHH!
Nice KT! love the photos♥

Kristin Tieche said...

Lynn, thanks for the link for the pannier. I saw them recently at San Francisco Cyclery on Stanyan and Haight as well.

Thanks for the compliments, Meli!

Frederick Ingram said...

Hey you look great too!