have a fabulous 2009!

I just couldn't resist sending you all a holiday greeting straight from my heart!

Cloud and I wish you a creative and cuddly 2009!

Rouge et Noir Motobecane: Craig's List
Vintage Italian Accordion: Accordion Apocalypse
Black Velvet Dress: Nordstrom Rack
Red Boots, Fingerless Gloves, Black Fishnets: Various shops on Haight Street
Red Velvet Hand-Embroidered Purse: Boutique in Hanoi, Viet Nam (New Year's 2001 vacation!)
Pretty White Cat: Oakland SPCA


San Smith said...

such a cute photo - love the accordion! Have a good new year :)

Samuel said...


Yokota Fritz said...

Happy New Year to you. The accordion rocks! What a fun image.

Frank said...

Cute pic, but can you play the accordion and ride your bike--at the same time? ;o)

Peace and Happy New Year!
Ride One or Ride None

spiderleggreen said...

And she's chewing gum, too!

m e l i g r o s a said...

so cute! mi black cat and your cat are the perfect ying yang.
**happy new year!**


Lilia said...

You and Meli should do a black cat/white cat bicycle thing.

KT said...

Thanks for all the comments, friends! I am not coordinated enough to balance the accordion while riding my bike... YET! That's a good new year's resolution, eh?

Meli, let's get the cats together for some play time!

Anonymous said...

Wow -
Speechless actually beyond that.

- Man

lisamarie said...

SO cute! Do you play accordion in any local bands?

Lisa Marie

KT said...

Right now, I only play for Cloud.