be bold

What's not to love about this look? Fishnet stockings are always sexy, but pink fishnets are something else! Eye-catching indeed! This color combination deserves an award of some kind - pinks, reds and blues, not to mention the fantastic gold rack and handlebars! Bold colors make a bold statement!


Anonymous said...

brilliant! very chic and sexy.

Adrienne Johnson said...

I am cracking up! When did you take this pic, 'cause she was on the BART train with me a couple of weeks ago
in that outfit and I wanted to take her picture for the contest at Copenhagen Cycle Chic! I was too chicken to take out my camera and ask her if I could.

Kristin Tieche said...

You should always take out your camera and ask to take a picture. People are usually flattered!

I can't remember when I took this pic, but it was apparently a sunny day and she didn't seem to have been on BART cuz I was following her all the way down Market Street.

Adrienne Johnson said...

Must be her favorite outfit. It was definitely the same woman, I recognize the bike and the outfit. Small world!