VV fantasy

Sometimes I dream about just this: a handsome man rides up on his bicycle on a beautiful fall afternoon, takes a bouquet of fresh cut flowers he bought at the Farmer's Market out of his messenger bag, and offers them to me with a smile.


Samuel said...

Don't you know... that kind of action scares the bigilies out of many single men.... haha ;-)
One of my friends expressed it as a simple equation of rejection probability vs. cost of the flowers. He's still single, I wonder why?

Kristin Tieche said...

That's why it's just a cycle chyck's fantasy, Samuel!

Anonymous said...

This guy obviously hasn't used his messenger bag for flowers much. Any self respecting, flower toting, messenger will know that the flowers needs to come out on the upper side of the bag or risk having them fall out in the nearly horizontal position.