4th and King/Fluttery red skirt

Leaving the Caltrain station at 4th and King in San Francisco one evening, I rode along with this woman in a fluttering red skirt. She had someplace to go in that awesome outfit; so, it was a little work trying to capture her likeness without seeming like a total weirdo. (I sometimes thank my stars we're girls keeping the blog.)

A gentleman riding along side me asked me what I was doing. (I might have been creeping him out.) I explained. He tried to run interference for me, but alas, this was the best photo I got of her with more than 20 shot.


Small Adventures said...

Hey,at least ya gave it a shot.The pic isn't so bad! =D


Anonymous said...

Fluttering red skirt = awesome.

I know that feeling so well of taking girls
pics on bikes and seeming like the weirdo.

I try to ask when I can -
"Can I take your picture?" -
[blank stare/raised eyebrow response]

but at lease its not just me as a guy getting the strange looks.

- man