Low Carbon Dating etc.

The Chronicle published an article earlier this week on low-carbon dating with a bunch of suggestions on how to meet your match on two wheels. We hope it's worked for you, but if it hasn't yet, they'll tell you how to help it along.

We attended the SFBC's Love on Wheels event again last Friday night. We should shortly be able to share photo booth photos by one of our favorite contributors, Dustin.

The main attraction at the event is a '70s-style dating game where one person chooses between 3 people of the gender they're attracted to. The Chronicle article talks about renting a tandem which I found to be an excellent way to ride together when you naturally tend towards different speeds, but one of the Love on Wheels contestants called it a cliche. Sigh. I guess we can't all run around with sappy romantic hearts -- nothing would ever get done.

Yours truly is #1 in this photo from 2006.

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Anonymous said...

A tandem bike is cliche? In the city of Exotic Erotic and Folsom Street and Kink.com, it seems to me that romanticism is not a cliche, it's a perversion.