café avec vélo

Your bike smells good
Recently I was interviewed by MSNBC about bicycle-themed cafés here in San Francisco. The article was published today and follows the transmigration of the bicycle café from Europe to spots all over North America. A great read by writer Tanya Mohn. I told Tanya that bikes and cafés go hand-in-hand. You get hungry and thirsty and want to stop for a refresher. It seems natural. Also featured is Richard Masoner of Cyclelicious.


Unknown said...

For me, the "holy trinity" is biking, coffee, and beer. For example, SF2G's rolling off from Philz, and doing the Barway. :-)

Adelaida Sofia said...

OMG they should have those here in Dallas!
I recently got a Villy Customs cruiser bike and have been riding around with friend but when we want to just stop for a drink the best we can do is Starbucks, which some don't even have outside sitting areas.

Unknown said...

Bike-coffee-wine bar anyone?? I'm glad they gave the one in Louisville a mention, Cycle Cafe; it's very good.