Cargo Shoes

When hauling cargo on a bicycle, shoe choice is important.

Cargo Shoe

Shoes should always match the environment.


jet said...

very pretty... I find those broad BMX pedals are good for shoes that have limited grip on the bottom

Anonymous said...

Don't think the shoe HAS to match the environment. What makes the fashionable cyclist so cool is that she or he is not bound by the need to conform to standards which is why we chose transport by bicycle as it endulges our quest to be free.

Kristin Tieche said...

Indeed! Express your individuality and freedom while you ride! And send us your pic!


Adrienne Johnson said...

Nah. I like to match the school zone : )

Velouria said...

I love those cut-outs!
Would love some in, say, a pastel lilac - but the yellow is nice as well.

Unknown said...

I bought a really cool bike at villycustoms.com that had lots of different colors so I could match with anything I wore ;)