Festa de Bike!

Here's a guest post from our cicloactivista bike buddies in São Paulo, Brazil. As some of you might remember, I had a great time meeting the bike community in SP, and riding around town with Renata Falzoni and Felipe Aragonez. Needless to say, São Paulo has a special place in my heart, and I hope that I can join them for their Bike Party in the very near future (how much is airfare SF to SP?). Words by Icaro de Abreu and photos by Carlos Alkmin and Daniel Spinelli.
Bike Party São Paulo is an event inspired in the São Francisco edition, with lights, djs and a lot of music during and in the end of the ride.

The only mission is to spread the idea of use bike in the cities, but not with a hard speech. We do believe that this way is much more attractive and easy for people to understand the reason to use a bike as their main form of transportation.

On the other hand, we do make a lot of noise, riding through the streets, but in a group, people just want have fun. lol

I abandoned my car five years ago here in São Paulo. Everyday is more than 140 km at traffic jams. São Paulo is a chaos and something has to be done.

We are doing the bike rides, occupying the public space (its not a common thing here in São Paulo), inviting friends on facebook every last Saturday and the participants are increasing more and more, each edition. The last one for example were more than 60 people.

We will continue with Bike Parties and hope that São Paulo becomes a better city and, who knows, inspires others to do the same.

Editor's note: If you're lucky enough to be in São Paulo this Saturday, be sure to join in the fun. The theme is Namorados.

Join this Saturday's Bike Party!


Anonymous said...

Bike Party is a very nice ride.

Great Post!


Carlos Alkmin - Photographer said...

Great post, Kristin! I always like your writing style. Thanks also for choosing some of my photos.

As we see, once again, San Francisco is inspiring nice people in "San Pablo".

You and your friends are always welcome to Sampa, which will host your heart.


Kristin Tieche said...

Oi Carlos - for sure I will come back soon for the party! Thanks for sharing your awesome photos!

Edu Grigoletto said...

Cool! Last Bike Party we were 125 and growing!