the art of waiting at a red light

Zackaliciousness often writes about the art of waiting at a red light in Copenhagen. So does Léah from Paris.

So now, we offer you San Francisco's twist on this art. I often see cyclists balancing on their tippy toes, their bottoms resting gently on their saddles, arms casually leaning on handlebars, not in any big hurry, deep in thought, while watching the cars whiz by.

Sometimes they do the one-foot balancing act.

And sometimes they aren't waiting for a light to change at all, but a Muni train to pass by.
By the way, I'll be travelling in Europe until the 15th of this month, but you can track me on twitter (I'm ktieche).

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MELI. said...

love the one with the matching blues (helmet&bike)
have fun@ Europe, can't wait to see some of your pics accross the pond!! ;]