Vive la différence!

Paris isn't always about that classic look. It's a city whose residents also take risks with fashion. Here are some Parisians on the cutting edge of cycle-style.

Blue man with do rag:
In her Chuck Taylor All Stars, she casually paused for a telephone call:
After-work texts with a hip Freitag messenger style bag (or shall I say European man's carry-all):
This guy was the closest thing to a San Franciscan that I saw in Paris, with his purple and yellow fixie, rolled-up pant leg and hat:

Meet the Twins Brothers, two dj's who live in the banlieue and frequently ride around Paris on their VTT's wearing hoodies and helmets (They told me they wear helmets to stand out among all the Parisians who don't). The Twins are coming soon to SF for a show at the End Up!

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Yokota Fritz said...

Blinged out urban fixed gear bikes were huge at Eurobike, where there isn't the fixie culture that we have here in the States. It's interesting how American cyclists are starting to emulate Euro-cyclists, and Europeans are beginning to emulate American style.