Homemade Boots

People often ask why I am taking their pictures. Sometimes, they don't like it, but usually they're flattered while still wanting an explanation. I told this woman in explanation, "I love your boots."

She replied, "Oh, I made them."

Which got me to thinking... Wouldn't it be amazing if we could all make our own clothes? It was all I could do to keep from yelling "I love you" as she rode away.

I tried to learn to sew years ago. I've tried to learn to knit... and paint. I have no talent for manual dexterity, and I regret it. Worse than no talent, my fingers have a poison for details. But I can fix my own bike, edit my own photos and type up words that are sometimes even spelled correctly. Having this incredibly talented woman bike past me made me hope all over again for a new set of talents in my next lifetime.

Or whatever.

You know what I mean.


MELI. said...

nice post. if im not mistaken that is probably jasmin, she makes hats

I met her randomly in local shop when she was doing some hats for the Goorin Bros. I got to fit a few of them, and now they are officially for sale. Awesome boots though, nice capture.

Jen said...

the boots are fabulous!