My angel

I went up to Union Square to get my boyfriend a birthday present. Unfortunately, I had to break up with him before I gave it to him, but, fortunately, I could return it.

I tend to keep my travels in the city limited. The Mission is easy and obvious. Upper Market, SoMa, Hayes Valley, the Panhandle, Castro, Duboce Triangle, and even Civic Center happen regularly. But I almost never trek those extra few blocks to our central shopping district. So, it felt like a big hassle, a big waste of time, to have to go their twice within a week.

This stylish lady turned out to be my angel in little tweed jacket, pink patterned helmet, cute flats and gloves, because even if I had to travel to a strange and distant district twice when I was already suffering, she looked good, and I snapped her photo. So, the errand was saved. Remember that next time you dress for your bicycle and give the broken-hearted a boost by looking extra nice.

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