la vie en violet (à vélo) or purple in paris

A little part--nay, large part of me relentlessly pines for Paris (though I must say I'm happy to be back in my beautiful hometown of San Francisco). I reminisce daily about Paris--the Seine, Place des Vosges, Belleville, Jardins de Luxembourg, the Canal, Boulevard St. Germain, and of course, the Velib'. So, many of my upcoming posts will satisfy my nostalgic twinge and give you all a sense of how this bike share program has totally changed the way that one might experience the City of Lights.

Leave it to the Parisians to redefine vogue. Notez bien, mademoiselles! Looks like purple is in, especially in the form of a belted mini-dress, boots and tights. Voici quelques exemples:

Une parisienne typique seen here near the Hôtel de Ville:

And another glamorously riding Rue St. Honoré:

Miss La Xara, ma compagnone a vélo, also looking very cute here on her Velib'. This photo makes me smile. O, les souvenirs de Paris!

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