folie à vélib

We've been cycling circles around Paris on the famous Vélib. It's really so easy and practical and fun that I don't understand why city governments hadn't already approved of this program years ago.

Here we are subscribing at the Marché St. Germain location.

And here's a glimpse of how FUN Vélibing can be!


MELI. said...

Oh such fun!!
look at those bad ass gloves!!

Gina said...

Why don't WE have that in the States??? I want Velib!!

Kristin Tieche said...

Apparently Washington D.C. is the only major U.S. city with a bikeshare program. So it does exist, but I agree, I want my Vélib’ too!

Mom said...

It's being considered for cities across the US including San Francisco. I believe we even have staff devoted to the program development and a contract with JC Decaux in place.