another fine use for thighs

Lilia here. When I first got back from France last month, we were amid a heat wave that would put any European to shame. While Paris was cold and overcast, San Francisco (the-coldest-winter-you-ever-spent summer) was ablaze. So, shooting chycks in their summer dresses biking around became easy.

While I would love bike share at train stations, poor accomodation of bicycles on our transit systems irks me. This woman was forced to prop her bike between her thighs to keep it still during her BART ride. Yowza.

Here she is leaving the train:


Anonymous said...

The first shot is a great capture!

BTW - Did she know you took her picture?

I am still working on my technique of not getting weird looks when I pull out my camera.

Anonymous said...

I love that the name of her bike is the Kona "Hoo-Ha", as well.