cute as a cupcake

Lilia and I participated in the Bike Kitchen's Tour de Cupcake alley cat race/fundraising event, along with about 2,000 others. She and I both snapped some photos, so stay tuned for Lilia's spin on the TDC!

All types of racers on all types of bikes turned out, from pretty girls with great hair to guys in cut-off knickers.
Here's VV editor Lilia with Danielle, both decked out in cycling's finest ready to blast off.

Because of the overwhelming turnout, I had time to check out the other racers styles, like this very classy, mod looking girl and guy in typical SF hoodie.

Once we were finally off, I was more focused on eating cupcakes than what people were wearing, but by the time we were up and over States Street and in the Panhandle, I was able to gather my wits again.

This woman has some hot sleeves.

And this kid wins the prize for the best-dressed man in the race.

And finally, as we've pointed out before, it's always a great idea to match your clothing to your ride, like this woman with aqua tennis shoes and Bianchi.


Kristin Tieche said...

Correction: I don't know how many attended the event, but the Bike Kitchen raised $2,000! Yay!

Samuel said...

I love the Schwinn couple. They fit my stereotype of SF perfectly :-)

All the pictures are great, it makes me want to fly out to ride in the next one.

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, cupcakes. Let's hear it for the Kitchen!