blue for bluegrass

I attended the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival only on Sunday this year. I was incredibly excited to see Gogol Bordello and before them, Elvis Costello. Since my apartment is next to the Park, the best way to get from one end of it to the other is by bike, naturally. To my surprise and delight, it seemed that everyone else in SF decided to ride their bikes to this event as well, as the valet bike parking provided by the Bicycle Coalition was full and every signpost, fence and street lamp was overloaded with bicycles. This brought a smile to my face, but I still didn't know where to park my bike. I finally found a rail near the Polo Fields, as did this young red haired woman in a a blue minidress, brown leather flats, brown shoulder bag and glam glasses.

The Gogol Bordello show kicked ass by the way.

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