Oakland Infill

Years ago, my friend Brian and I took photos of a parking garage being torn down in Oakland. I met him for lunch a few weeks back, and he wanted to show me what they'd done with the lot.

But first, this woman in full summer gear biked past us. I love stripes... and red, but I loved her "salt water flats" even more -- I had a pair of those sandals as a kid. Where do you buy them in adult sizes?

In the background of this photo, you can see the Uptown, the infill development they put on the lot of that parking garage. We got a tour, and it is awesome.


Charlotte said...

If you find out where to get salt water sandals in adult sizes, please let me know. They'll always make me think of my Grandmother.

Charlotte said...

Well what do you know?

Anonymous said...

Bancroft Clothing in Berkeley has them!