Guest Photo: Bernhard Shipper

This year we did a cycling tour by the Baltic Sea. In this photo you
can see our bikes and the clothes. My girlfriend is riding a brand new
Retrovelo bike - I've used a 25 year-old Diamond bike from East-German times (I bought it 2006 in a retro-bike store - and I didn't need any repair or new tires) as you can see it is in excellent condition.

Bernhard also informed us that you can find Retrovelo through the following U.S. distributors:

Clever Cycles

Dutch Bike Co. Seattle


Charlotte said...

Retrovelo - what a funny website! The bike is shown in front of a Jeep, with "American Cyclery" in the background.
I find this incongruous and thus funny.

Kristin Tieche said...

That photo is funny. American Cyclery is right up the street from my house in the Upper Haight!

Adrienne Johnson said...

I hope she rides with that baby on her around San Francisco! I thought about it with my last one who rode around in one of those wraps until he was a year old. Should have done it. Oh well.

MELI. said...

what a super cool mommy! this shot made me smile, aww - so cute:)