winter in SF

After visiting Cycle Chic's recent post about subzero temps in Copenhagen, and hearing the news of blizzards back east, I am guiltlessly enjoying near 90 degree Fahrenheit temps in SF. It's like summer in the middle of January. And what better way to enjoy the heat wave, but to ride to the Park to relax in your bikini with your sweetie. I took this shot two days ago near Hippie Hill.

All I can say to the rest of you is that we are very sorry (sort of).


Peter said...

cool shot!

but be warned - last time i posted something like that it got cold 12 hours later!

Colville-Andersen said...

While I would always choose your current weather over our current weather, it must be said that cycling in a Copenhagen winter is refreshing. I actually love it. All the while looking forward to the summer.

word verification: lumbo. While you lumbo around in SF... I chill my Viking ass in CPH.

Kristin Tieche said...

Trust me, Mikael, you guys are going to be laughing at us (or crying for us) when we are timing our showers and putting rocks in our toilets later on this year. Predictions are for the worst drought in CA history. :-(

Peter, the weather is still kicking butt.

Adrienne said...

It is going to be a dry, dry year so the least we can do is enjoy it! Our, usually, pasty white skins can get some colour and we can come out from under our layers of thrift store sweaters for just a little while.
Ah, rocks in the toilet tanks... memories :)

Anonymous said...

Who needs showers anyway!

MELI. said...

♥hellz yea!
I really miss the fog though and biking in our winter 40°s

Anonymous said...

Nice that pic reminds me when couples of the 70's actually rode together!