DFF: Food (off topic, but critical)

Warning: this post does not contain any bicycles.

In my on-going effort this week to paint a complete picture for you of the magnificence that was the DFF Bike-in Movie screening, I'm now going to tell you about the food.

Food carts in San Francisco have begun to tweet so that their fans know where to find them. Early in the night, several people told us they learned about the event by following the creme brulee guy on twitter.

Here, creme brulee and magic veggie curry set up:

The popcorn princess awaits your order:

People line up for their creme brulee including Colin the tweed ride guy:

He uses the torch to crisp the top after you order your flavor, right in front of you. This is great to watch for children ages 1 to 101.

I didn't try the magic veggie curry, but I heard it was excellent.

Here's how to follow them -
Magic Curry: http://twitter.com/magiccurrykart
Amuse Bouche: http://twitter.com/AmuseBoucheSF
Creme Brulee: http://twitter.com/cremebruleecart

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gregoryyy said...

I Love S.F. !!!!!!! (and the popcorn girl is too cute).