BikeCity USA: (sigh) Portland

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CarFree Stupidity said...

That sign doesn't make since... what kind of cyclist rides without a front wheel?

Anonymous said...

Yup, boots are all the rage, especially over skinny jeans or tights :)

Glad you enjoyed your time in Portland, it's a great place to ride a bike (for the most part).

It's amazing how stylish the bikers got once it stopped raining too :) We're definitely still a bit of a fair-weather biking city, mostly the hard-core folk out when the sun isn't :) At least parking is easy on rainy days!

Dottie said...

I wish the temps were cool enough where I am to wear boots with dresses. I like that look.

Christa said...

I wonder if there's bicycle parking at the airport. Forgot to look last time I was there.