SF Cycle Moment: Stuck Behind Muni

Any SF cyclist who's ridden down Market Street has run into the back of a Muni bus just like in this pic before. I often commute up and down Market Street, and I'm always dodging potholes, taxis, pedestrians who don't look both ways, and of course, the infamous Muni. Often I run into cycle-friends sharing the sharrows, and though we attempt to be social and chit-chat, it's nearly impossible with all the obstacles and potential dangers that come into our bike path. I firmly subscribe to the vision that Market Street ought to be closed off to all automobile traffic, restricted to only public transportation, pedestrian and bicycle traffic, and designated bike lanes added as soon as municipally possible.


Mom said...

I love this post, KT. Thanks!

Kristin Tieche said...

Avec plaisir!

Adrienne Johnson said...

Why anyone drives on Market Street is beyond me. It has to be the most annoying and inconvenient street for a car in SF.